To Rococo Rot | DNO31 | Released: 05/16/04

Image: Hotel_Morgan

On Hotel Morgen (trans: Morning Hotel!) To Rococo Rot's fluency is dazzling, although it is always pleasing to recognise a Stefan bass run, a Ronald drum pattern, a Robert melody line. Actually, this time the idea was to make a less electronic record, and the group situated itself in a studio with a different palette of grand piano, wurlitzer and vibraphone, alongside the usual instruments. But with To Rococo Rot, you imagine a concept is often only useful as a starting point rather than an end in itself, and in reverting to a more familiar set-up as the session progressed, they found themselves 'returning' to a new place.


Image: Hotel_Morgan

CD-DNO-031 | Out now

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  • 01. Dahlem
  • 02. Cosimo
  • 03. Tal
  • 04. Feld
  • 05. Portrait Song
  • 06. Sol
  • 07. Plong
  • 08. Miss You
  • 09. Basic
  • 10. Venus
  • 11. Non Song
  • 12. Ovo
  • 13. Bologna
  • 14. Opak

Image: Hotel_Morgan

LP-DNO-031 | Out now

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