Ulrich Schnauss | DNO149 | Released: 07/08/07

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It has been over six years since Ulrich Schnauss introduced the world to his unique blend of electronic textures and ethereal aesthetics on his debut album Far Away Trains Passing By, which Domino brought to full justice with 2006's deluxe re-issue. It's also been a criminal FOUR years since Ulrich's last recorded testament A Strangley Isolated Place hit store shelves in his native Germany in 2003. It was A Strangley Isolated Place that cemented Ulrich's place among the elite electronic artists. The later album combined the early 90s' Creation Records and 4AD sound of pioneering acts like Slowdive, My Bloody Valentine & Cacateau Twins with modern electronic tapestries.

Ulrich's third album, Goodbye, marks the first new release on Domino. It is also the end of a chapter in his sound. "I see these three albums as moving closer to something I wanted to do right from the beginning but didn't quite manage" he says. "Merging songwriting and indie elements with electronic music. I've tried to take all the ideas to the maximum." So the ambient tracks are more spacious, the songs more memorable, the multi-layered, guitar-heavy tracks more ragingly psychedelic. Just listen to the obliterating rush of "Medusa," or the cloudbusting dream-pop of "Stars" (performed by long-time collaborator Judith Beck). At times there are over 100 different audio tracks playing simultaneously: a tower of song. No wonder Goodbye took three solid years to make.


Image: DNO149UlrichGdbye300.jpg

CD-DNO-149 | Out now

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  • 01. Never Be The Same
  • 02. Shine
  • 03. Stars
  • 04. Einfeld
  • 05. In Between The Years
  • 06. Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
  • 07. A Song About Hope
  • 08. Medusa
  • 09. Goodbye
  • 10. For Good