Yo! Majesty | DNO168 | Released: 10/04/08

Image: futuristically speaking

Futuristically Speaking…Never Be Afraid is the much anticipated debut long player from Tampa, FL based Shunda K and Jwl. B known around the world as the incomparable Yo! Majesty. The girls have been much mooted in numerous circles because of their militant often shocking lyrics, their lesbianism, christianity and ridiculously hype live show. These girls are an anathema, a tonic, a kick up the ass for hip hop which is unfortunately home to much misogyny, homophobia, materialism and poor live shows. Yo! Majesty are here to challenge that. Watch the walls come tumbling down!

The album is a whirlwind journey through their queendom, it’s a mix of tempos, moods, styles and tensions. It is where the girls are at in 2008, a straight up document of what is in their heads, the issues touching them, things they are involved in and how much fun they are having. Futuristically Speaking... is a mix of guts, glory and going out!

Since their coronation, Yo! Majesty have released the YO EP (1,000 home made, self distributed CDs that seemed to get all around the planet), working with displaced producers Hard Feelings UK. The girls’ message soon spread out through the hippest of djs, the internet and their incendiary live shows. Signed to Domino in 2007 Shunda and Jwl. have spent that year traveling the world doing gigs and hooking up with the world’s freshest producers including Basement Jaxx, Sunship, Radio Clit, Dee Kline, CLP (from Germany), Mercedes (from Switzerland) and not forgetting their original mentors Hard Feelings UK.


Image: futuristically speaking

CD-DNO-168 | Domino | Out now

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  • 01. Fucked Up
  • 02. Night Riders
  • 03. Blame It On The Change
  • 04. Never Be Afraid
  • 05. Don't Let Go (New Mix)
  • 06. Booty Klap
  • 07. Buy Love
  • 08. Get Down On The Floor
  • 09. Hott
  • 10. Leather Jacket
  • 11. Grindin' And Shakin'
  • 12. Party Hardy
  • 13. Club Action
  • 14. Take It Away