Archie Bronson Outfit | DNO49 | Released: 06/04/05

Image: fur

With Fur, the Archie Bronson Outfit have created a brutal, brave and unusual record. Right from the start, with opener "Butterflies," the band thrashes out a wholesome racket of rough and ragged psychedelic blooze - Mark's Keith Moon-esque drumming threatening to tear the skins off the traps; Sam's pleading, passionate soul vocal ripping with urgency: "I NEED YOU!" The raw passion and the overall heaviness of this record is balanced brilliantly against the quieter, darker moods of tracks such as "On the Shore," where we find our boys in more introspective, spectral mood.

Keeping Captain Beefheart's productions in mind at all times as a guide - and with The Kills very own Hotel at the mixing desk, bringing his own love for a compressed, tight sound to the proceedings - Archie Bronson Outfit have arrived at their own unique sound and have fashioned a truly modern British psychedelic classic.


Image: fur

CD-DNO-049 | Out now

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  • 01. Butterflies
  • 02. Islands
  • 03. Here He Comes
  • 04. Riders
  • 05. Bloodheat
  • 06. On The Shore
  • 07. The Wheel Rolls On
  • 08. Armour For A Broken Heart
  • 09. Kangaroo Heart
  • 10. Pompeii