Ulrich Schnauss | DNO45 | Released: 11/01/05

Image: Far_Away_Trains_Passing

"Stunningly original and gushingly beautiful." - Remix

"Astonishingly gorgeous...a swirling opus of densely layered sounds and treated vocals."- XLR8R

"...what keeps me clinging to A Strangely Isolated Place like a teenager to his newfound 'soulmate' is Schnauss's unashamed embrace of beauty." -SF Bay Guardian

"This Berlin producer borrows from shoegazers like Slowdive, bulking up his soundscapes with dense textures and hypnotic drum loops that conjure an understated, ambient beauty." - Spin

Before there was A Strangely Isolated Place, there was Far Away Trains Passing By, the debut album that brought Ulrich Schnauss his initial rush of attention. All the hallmarks that made his most recent efforts such engaging listens are there from the start: the uplifting melodies, the mesmerizing marriage of shoegaze and electronics, the dramatic and dynamic arrangements. In many ways, Far Away Trains Passing By is very much the equal of its follow-up. And perhaps even more so in this special re-issue, which basically tidies up Ulrich's recorded output with a special six-track bonus disc of non-LP material. Now, I know we've promised this to you before, but now it's for real and better than originally promised.

2 X CD

Image: Far_Away_Trains_Passing

CD-DNO-045 | Out now

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  • Disc 1

  • 01. Knuddeimaus
  • 02. Between Us and Them
  • 03. ...Passing By
  • 04. Blumenwiese Neben Autobahn
  • 06. Molfsee
  • Disc 2

  • 07. Sunday Evening in Your Street
  • 08. Suddenly the Trees are Giving Way
  • 09. Nothing Happens in June
  • 11. Crazy For You
  • 12. Wherever You Are