Archie Bronson Outfit | DNO97 | Released: 07/23/06

Image: Derdang Derdang

"An 11 song set that's melodically insidious and swings like a noose...Check the counter riffing of 'Cherry Lips' or the hypno-garage mantra 'Kink'." **** - MOJO

The best groups, one imagines - from The Beatles in Help to The Magic Band making Trout Mask Replica - live and create together in romantic squalor. The Archie's are no exception, the three piece sharing a decadent south London flat where anything goes. "We came back from tour and we had nothing to do, so started writing this album and we did it all in guitarist Dorian's bedroom and we went a bit nuts" says singer/guitarist Sam Windett. "We'd get up, have a coffee and stumble straight into the room and start playing. We played for days and days and that turned into weeks and weeks." Honing the songs down was an arduous process, but when it was done they flew to Nashville, Tennessee to record them with producer Jacquire King (Tom Waits, Kings Of Leon).

The result is a compact marvel of high-strung energy and demented grooves that they've called Derdang Derdang. There's an intensity and urgency to Sam's singing that might recall Pere Ubu for some, an angularity to the boys' riffing which has echoes of The Monks in its unhinged thrust and bluesy roots. They'd steeped themselves in soul music and Scandinavian psych, Faust, Son House and The Gun Club, but the long gestation and careful editing means that, chiefly, The ABO on Derdang Derdang sound like themselves.


Image: Archie_97

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  • 01. Cherry Lips
  • 02. Kink
  • 03. Dart For My Sweetheart
  • 04. Got To Get (Your Eyes)
  • 05. Dead Funny
  • 06. Modern Lovers
  • 07. Cuckoo
  • 08. Jab Jab
  • 09. How I Sang Dang
  • 10. Rituals
  • 11. Harp For My Sweetheart