Correcto | DNO190 | Released: 08/03/08

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Correcto is often described as a project, in many ways it is. The other folk in the group have their other main preoccupations/occupations:

Richard is an accomplished artist who makes terrifyingly detailed paintings, often onto the gallery wall using ‘the most direct and simple means possible’ – brushes and paint; no matter the scale (sometimes huge). He also makes works on paper which will feature on Correcto record sleeves. Richard has also been involved, over the years, with making music in various incarnations such as traditional Irish music with his brother in the infamous Victoria Bar and has played in bands such as Par Cark alongside David Shrigley. In short he has paid his dues for all of us. Nice one.

Newcomer Patrick moved down to Glasgow from up north a couple of years ago, making an impact with the marvellous The Royal We (sadly no longer with us but look out for the LP on Geographic soon). He has formed a new band, Sexy Kids with ex-members of the We and other faces you see hanging about with nothing better to do.

Paul is in Franz Ferdinand, you may have heard of them. He offered his services in January 2007. I hadn’t seen much of him since Franz mania took hold so it was great to loaf about with him again when we recorded the initial bones of the LP in London. It was nice that he seemed completely unaffected by it all but with the bonus of recording knowledge, especially fortuitous as I hadn’t been in a proper studio, well, for a while. He seemed just as I remembered him in the Yummy Fur days (his old band featuring Alex Kapranos and Jackie McKeown of 1990’s) except this time he could get a round in.

All these varied askews can only be healthy for making a good pop racket, but, I would love to see more of ‘em. With any luck will you too, coming soon, to a forsaken shithole near your hometown playing songs fast and loose, tight and slow from the imaginatively titled debut album Correcto.


Image: correcto

CD-DNO-190 | Domino | Out now

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  • 01. Inuit
  • 02. Do It Better
  • 03. Joni
  • 04. Save Your Sorrow
  • 05. Walking To Town
  • 06. No One Under 30
  • 07. Here It Comes
  • 08. Downs
  • 09. Even Though
  • 10. New Capitals
  • 11. Something Or Nothing
  • 12. When You Get Away From Me

Image: correcto

LP-DNO-190 | Domino | Out now

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