Robert Wyatt | DNO157 | Released: 10/07/07

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Robert Wyatt is a rare bird. His remarkable career began forty years ago drumming and singing for Soft Machine, a post-psych outfit tied to the "Canterbury Scene" of the late '60s that yielded Pink Floyd & Gong among others. His ensuing and far longer solo period speaks volumes of Wyatt's value and endurance as an artist. The arrival of Comicopera, his ninth album, finds Wyatt in a more overt guise. Whereas intimacy defines the experience of listening to previous albums, Comicopera employs collaboration to capture the inviting sound of friends playing together in a room. Fortunately, Robert Wyatt has some very talented friends - Brian Eno, Paul Weller, Phil Manzanera and a small orchestra of string, woodwind, brass and percussion players.

Divided in three acts Comicopera, is an epic genre-bending allegory told through Wyatt's fragile tenor voice. It's more than a grand effort that rewards with each listen. It is the next chapter in the life's work of a contemporary music scholar who deserves examination.


Image: comicopera

CD-DNO-157 | Out now

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  • 01. Stay Tunes
  • 02. Just As You Are
  • 03. You You
  • 04. A.W.O.L.
  • 05. Anachronist
  • 06. A Beautiful Peace
  • 07. Be Serious
  • 08. On The Town Square
  • 09. Mob Rule
  • 10. A Beautiful War
  • 11. Out of The Blue
  • 12. Del Mondo
  • 13. Cancion de Julieta
  • 14. Pastafari
  • 15. Fragment
  • 16. Hasta Siempre

Image: comicopera

LP-DNO-157 | Out now

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