Clearlake | DNO77 | Released: 01/24/06

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Already something of a cult favorite in North America as much as at home, Clearlake have been making excellent records since the wonderful debut single, "Winterlight," announced their arrival. 2000's debut album Lido was much-loved, sparked a sell-out UK tour and won plaudits from all sorts of stellar peers and heroes. Second album, Cedars, in 2003, was the one that established them in the US and Canada, that and a huge two-month visit in 2004 that included scads of dates with Stereolab and The Decemberists. Dashing into the studio upon their return, Clearlake vowed to deliver a swift follow-up. Somehow, it became a bit of an odyssey, across eight studios in France and the UK. As finished tracks appeared in our office, bit by bit, the anticipation grew to unbearable extremes. Sure, it took time, but the results are timeless: the motorik, mesmeric opener "No Kind Of Life," the buzzy Byrdsy rush of "Good Clean Fun," the Kinksy oomph of "Finally Free," the prowling tension of "You Can't Have Me," the coruscating title song, the countrified lament "Dreamt That You Died" and the awesome guitar power of the epic closing track, "Widescreen."

Produced by Clearlake's Jason Pegg with Steve Osborne (U2, Happy Mondays) & Jim Abbiss (Kasabian, DJ Shadow, Arctic Monkeys) and recorded by Phil Brown (Talk Talk, Bob Marley, Led Zeppelin, Hendrix, you name it), Amber is Clearlake's wildest, deepest, most surprising album so far.


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  • 01. No Kind Of Life
  • 02. Getting Light Outside
  • 03. Amber
  • 04. Good Clean Fun
  • 05. Here To Learn
  • 07. Finally Free
  • 08. Dreamt That You Died
  • 09. Far Away
  • 10. Neon
  • 11. I Hate it, I Got What I Wanted
  • 12. Widescreen