Wild Beasts | DNO297 | Released: 05/09/11

Image: Smother Packshot

Wild Beasts are set to release their much anticipated third album, Smother, on May 10th, 2011. The follow-up to the Mercury-nominated and critically acclaimed Two Dancers will be available on CD, LP and via digital download.

Born out of an intense six week period of writing in East London and a month recording in remotest Wales, Smother was co-produced by the Kendal four-piece with long term collaborator Richard Formby. An album of intense atmosphere, space and beguiling rhythm, Smother is formed of ten songs which linger in the memory, each track pulsing with sensuality. Bold, textured and romantic, Smother is a deeply personal and immensely affecting record, which maintains the delicate and evocative form of beauty Wild Beasts have made their own. A truly impactful record from a unique and special band, Smother sees Wild Beasts continuing to brave their own way, outside the vicissitudes of fashion.


Image: Smother Packshot

CD-DNO-297 | Out now

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  • 01. Lion’s Share
  • 02. Bed Of Nails
  • 03. Deeper
  • 04. Loop The Loop
  • 05. Plaything
  • 06. Invisible
  • 07. Albatross
  • 08. Reach A Bit Further
  • 09. Burning
  • 10. End Come Too Soon

Image: Smother Packshot

LP-DNO-297 | Out now

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LP comes with a download card with access to high-quality MP3 or WAV files.