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Domino Recording Co, Inc
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Brooklyn, NY 11201

Is it safe to order online at dominorecordco.us?

No need for concern. All orders and sensitive financial information is sent down titanium-clad secure lines (or 128bit encrypted SSL for the more technically minded of you) from your computer to ours, protecting your details from malicious eyes. Just make sure the little padlock is in the bottom corner of your screen and you're protected. A small proportion of browsers (about 1% - mostly Opera) have a compatibility issue with our security. Please use another browser, or fax us the order.

At our end, your credit card information is encrypted and then permanently deleted from our files when your order is despatched. This is why we ask you to re-enter your credit card information each time you order. It's for your safety.

If our reassurances fail to quell your anxiety, feel free to fax us at #718.732.2944 with your payment details.

How quickly can I expect my order to arrive?

All of orders are fulfilled by our pals at 11Spot/Redeye in lovely Haw River, North Carolina. We do our best to get them processed and out ASAP. Most shipments are processed and shipped within 1 business day. Things can take longer when we've sold out of stock of an item and must hold an order until we have stock back in. This wait is usually no longer than 1-2 weeks, but it can take longer if a supplier doesn't ship right away, etc. Sometimes despite an item being in stock on the site, it goes out of stock in the time between you ordering and us completing your order, if we are sold out of an item that may not be back in right away, we may send your order without the item. We'll notify you of any changes to your order and the recalculated price.

The only other factor that can delay orders is if you order presale items. These are automatically posted to the site a minimum of 1 week before release and will be shipped no later than the Friday before the release date to assure arrival by same. Either way, the maximum that you'll have to wait for delivery of these items is a couple of extra days. We send all orders together as one package.

For US orders, please get in touch if your order hasn't arrived within two weeks of confirmation. For international orders, please get in touch if your order hasn't shown up a month after your order confirmation notice.

How can I pay you for your lovely merchandise?

We accept Visa & Mastercard (Paypal coming soon!). There is no minimum order.

When ordering via email or fax you must include ALL of the following information:
1) Name & address.
2) Credit card number and expiration date.
3) Email or phone number so we can contact you if necessary.

You'd be suprised how often people forget one of these key ingredients for a successful and satisfying order. Thanks!!!

What if I want/need to return an item I've purchased from you?

We will replace any factory-defective item purchased from dominorecordco.us with a fresh copy of that title. Please contact us and tell us the artist, title and format of the defective item, what's wrong with it, and when you bought it. Once the return has been approved by email, send it back to the contact address above; we'll confirm that the item sent back is defective and then send you a replacement copy. If you mail the title back to us, please be sure to pack it well; we can't be responsible for replacing items trashed by our wonderful Royal Mail. We are unable to grant cash refunds; if we are out of stock on the defective item's replacement copy, you have several choices: we can send you a credit slip good for your next order, refund you the amount on your card, you may specify an alternate item, or you can choose to wait for new stock to arrive on the original defective item.

If you gave someone a dominorecordco.us purchased item as a gift and it turns out it's something they already have, we will accept the unopened/unplayed item for credit on a future order (or simply refund, depending on the circumstances). The same policy as above applies-- email us and inform us of your desire to return the item, when you purchased it from us, etc.

Unfortunately, we are not able to accept returns on an item because you don't like it once you hear it.

Question *still* unanswered?

Feel free to contact us!