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The Soundtrack To The Movie Mr Foe

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MR. FOE is a magical story of redemptive love, loss and life on the rooftops of Edinburgh. Young Hallam is almost over the sudden death ...View 'The Soundtrack To The Movie Mr Foe'?

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Image: Hallam Foe Soundtrack Packshot
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It's a coming of age story. When Englishman-in-Berlin George FitzGerald first signed to Domino sister label Double Six at the start of 2013, he was full of optimism. He is part of a generation of artists and DJs who witnessed at first hand the early and experimental days of a uniquely 21st century sound – dubstep – and then saw it explode into the club mainstream, catapulting them to unimagined successes as it did. Along with friends and compatriots like Ben UFO, Joy Orbison, James Blake and Pearson Sound, FitzGerald had been schooled in the power of bass vibrations... Read »